Alfridomsa Constanza is located within one of the most fertile regions in the country, with a great potential for increased export production.

Alfridomsa offers a wide array of storage, conservation, and transportation options for the agricultural industry.  Alfridomsa Constanza is strategically located next to the Aeropuerto Expedición 14 de Junio.

Alfridomsa Constanza includes 21,000 m3 divided in the following way:

  • 9 rooms with 1,170 m3 each.
  • 3 rooms with temperature ranges from -0°C. a +20°C.
  • 6 rooms for the conservation of goods in temperatures above 0°C, for a total of 10,530 m3 and 10,470 m3 for storage of dry goods such as seeds, feeds, and agricultural goods.
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Av. Enrique Jiménez Moya Km. 48.5
Next to Aeropuerto Expedición 14 de Junio
Constanza, Dominican Republic
+1 (809) 539-2060
+1 (809) 539-2625