Jul 27, 2015 - Alfridomsa passes first quality management test application/pdf icon
July 27th – Dominican Republic – The company Alfridomsa favorably just past the first follow-up audit is performed in its Quality Management System under ISO 9001-2008.
May 31, 2012 - President heads inauguration of company in Constanza application/pdf icon
This Thursday President Leonel Fernandez presided over the inauguration of Alfridomsa in Contanza, in the province of La Vega.During the inauguration, the president of Alfridomsa, Felix Garcia, indicated that the work of President Leonel Fernandez's government motivated the investment of 12 million dollars on this project.  He explained that Alfridomsa will create 500 direct jobs and around 2,500 indirect jobs.In addition, Garcia indicated the capacity and potential of the new facility...
May 17, 2012 - Alfridomsa supports Constanza's development application/pdf icon
The capacity to supply 85% of all the vegetables consumed by the country is just one of the potentials that the valley of Constanza has.  According to recent studies, it counts with the infrastructure, land, and technical capabilities to supply one hundred percent of the national market.Contanza's farmers will no longer have problems preserving, for a considerable amount of time, perishable goods due to the warehousing and cold storage services offered by Alfridomsa (
May 11, 2012 - Alfridomsa supports Constanza's agriculture industry growth application/pdf icon
Alfridomsa ( organized the first "Constanza Agriculture Industry Potential for an Agro-Export Model" seminar, where procueres recived orientation from highly qualified experts in the areas of agriculture produccion, international trade, and storage.The activities took place at the Alto Cerro Hotel in Constanza, with the particiaption of representatives for Customs, Ministry of Agriculture, the Institue of Innivation and Industrial Biotechnology, as well as...
Jul 22, 2011 - Social Responsibility is a part of the Corporate Commitment application/pdf icon
For Alfridomsa (, part of IBT Group, social responsibility is part of the corporate commitment.In distasters such as in Haiti, Alfridomsa, along with the agency for Spanish cooperation, provided Haitians with infrastructure for food, medicine, and construction materials, including airplanes for transportation.  Alfridomsa offered the United Nations free use of facilities and logistical transportation to transport medication to Haiti immediately.  The disaster in...
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