Alfridomsa supports Constanza's development

May 17, 2012
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The capacity to supply 85% of all the vegetables consumed by the country is just one of the potentials that the valley of Constanza has.  According to recent studies, it counts with the infrastructure, land, and technical capabilities to supply one hundred percent of the national market.

Contanza's farmers will no longer have problems preserving, for a considerable amount of time, perishable goods due to the warehousing and cold storage services offered by Alfridomsa (  Alfridomsa counts with a capacity of 14,780 cubic meters equipped with monitoring and security equipment, according to general manager Luis Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez explained that with this system, items such as carrots, garlic, and other perishable goods can count on a life expectancy of six to eight months, in line with the strictest quality standards and international norms.

He added that in addition Alfridomsa offers transportation of dry or refrigerated goods from any port around the Dominican Republic.

He also indicated that Alfridomsa facilities, located in Contanza and the Port of Caucedo, also count on a team of international trade and customs experts available to guide the logistical operations of clients.

In terms of security, Alfridomsa counts on a computerized monitoring system 24 hours a day, where stored goods can be observed by clients through a network of video cameras.  All goods stored at Alfridomsa are also covered against fire, theft, and deterioration.