Integrated Warehousing Services

Alfridomsa offers a wide range of cargo storage, movement, and transportation services and solutions, backed by the most complete infrastructure of cold storage, conservation, and dry storage of goods.

Services offered by Alfridomsa include:

Alfridomsa offers bonded warehouse services for importing and exporting merchandise.
Alfridomsa receives consolidated containers from a variety of consignatories for deconsolidation.
Alfridomsa offers dry warehousing and storage services throughout the Dominican Republic. We offer 15,470 m2 of storage space, supported by efficient logistics, the latest...
Alfridomsa offers convenient and flexible re-exportation services. We count on an economic regiment that allows us to store merchandise within our customs area inside Alfridomsa...
Alfridomsa offers modern cold and refrigerated facilities for short term and long term storage.
Alfridomsa offers transportation services for a variety of merchandise, whether dry, loose, or refrigerated, between any port or client in the country and our facilities.